The "Association of Veterinarians of Almaty" public organization was created in the first years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Rendering the consulting help played a big role for many beginning veterinarians for the purpose of creation of own business.

In 2000 "The association of veterinarians of Almaty" was officially registered in the Ministry of Justice of RK. Babayev Mels Baltashevich headed work of the organization.

The association repeatedly made offers on additions in the veterinary legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the initiative of Association the single passport was developed for pets.

Due to the expansion, in 2008 the re-registration was made and the name of the organization to "Association of Kazakhstan Veterinarians" is changed.

2008 - based on Association the Fund of mutual aid was created. For veterinary specialists and members of Association accumulative programs for acquisition of cars, the real estate, expensive family travel at a discount from 20% to 50% work. The program of economic support of the veterinarians who came for deserved rest is developed: accumulative Deserved program;

2012 - between the Kazakh National Agricultural University and AVVK the contribution agreement in the International scientific and educational consortium is signed. Within the agreement on schools of Almaty and Almaty region professional orientation work for the purpose of activization of cognitive interest at pupils and parents to a profession of veterinary science and other specialties of KAZNAU is conducted;

2012, May - The association participated in the 80th General session of the International Epizootic Bureau (IEB) which took place in Paris (France);

2013 - The association is registered in National chamber of entrepreneurs of RK;

2014 - AKV initiated creation of the Consortium "Trade Corporation Agrarian and Industrial Complex" project on merging of agrarian and industrial complex production enterprises for the purpose of increase in the export potential of the country with implementation of innovative technologies.