1. Administrative – registration in the Association of active veterinary doctors, inspectors, scientific officers, laboratory workers, students, paraveterinarians, legal entities; assistance in the collection of documents for clinics, veterinary pharmacies, pet stores, the proper drawing up of employment contracts, verification of diplomas and other documents; recommendation (conducting primaries) to positions of inspectors, heads of the veterinary stations at the scale of districts and cities; respecting professional standards;

2. Educational seminars, conferences, legal advice, dissemination of the specialized magazine, handouts, e-newsletter; continuing education for veterinary professionals through educational programs, seminars, conferences, and certification; conducting orientation sessions for effective use of veterinary specialists, new technologies, best practices and achievements of science; the games for intellectual development and Olympiads in biology among secondary school students; outreach to animal breeders, farmers;

3. Disciplinary and legal support, dealing with controversial issues; any disciplinary action taken by the public Council; the settlement of disputes arising between the state and departmental veterinary services, local authorities, commercial organisations; initiation of audits of state authorities in identifying violations of the law; 

4. Representative - representation of interests in state structures; work with international organizations; cooperation with public and commercial organizations;

5. Social – development and implementation of social programmes; creation and development of the pension Fund;

6. Regulatory - work on legislation; development of professional standards;

7. Stimulating the creation and development of the incentive Fund – to pay for the violations; awarding of the best veterinary experts and specialized enterprises; support local producers; assistance in obtaining preferential loans, subsidies, grants; the introduction of new technologies, making proposals to the Ministry of agriculture.