About us

AIC Trading Corporation is a management company specialized in servicing enterprises that harvest, process agricultural products, and are involved in the production and sale of food products.


The main activities of the company are:

- supply of commodity and pedigree cattle to farms;

- sales of livestock products; - production of feed and fertilizers;

- conducting a sanitary and epidemiological audit;

- utilization and processing of biological waste (veterinary waste of the 1st hazard class; hazardous biological medical waste; veterinary confiscations; foodstuffs activated by sanitary, veterinary and customs services due to the lack of proper documents or their quality does not meet the requirements of these documents);

- accounting services; - lawyer consulting;

- wholesale deliveries of veterinary products and livestock products;

- advice on the use of veterinary drugs;

- comprehensive veterinary services;

- the introduction of scientific developments, innovative technologies in the field of livestock, poultry and feed production;

- continuing education courses in livestock and veterinary medicine for farmers, veterinary specialists.


Services for the disposal and processing of biological waste is carried out by a subsidiary of SK-V-GROUP INVEST LLP.


Having the opportunity to work with the Kazakh Scientific Research Veterinary Institute (KazNIVI), the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Feed Production (KazNIIZhiK) and the Kazakh National Agrarian University (KazNAU), the company is consolidating its efforts to solve major problems in the veterinary industry and is developing a scientific and industrial The potential of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan as a whole.


When the corporation operates an agricultural cooperative.


Membership in the cooperative makes it possible to distribute profits, maintain the principle of democracy (one member - one vote), introduce the principle of the sale of goods (works, services) to its members at cost; the possibility of introducing a system of standard documentation; distribution of a special tax regime; obtaining unsecured loans and subsidies up to 50%.


Benefits for members of the cooperative: - increased productivity; - stabilization of demand for products through the formation of large lots for sale; - promotion of goods for export; - deepening specialization with improving product quality; - full and effective use of production capacities; - cost optimization of agricultural production (wholesale cheaper); - availability of marketing information; - accessibility of government support measures; - an increase in the profit of agricultural producers due to a decrease in the cost of agricultural products and an increase in the income of agricultural producers; - establishing close relationships between producers and consumers; - expanding the sales market for members of the cooperative; - creation of a logistics center; - construction of thousands of livestock complexes (breeding, fattening); - Attracting investment in agriculture.


Mission: Country Food Security.


Purpose: Creation of a network of new processing enterprises in agriculture and modernization of existing ones to increase the country's export potential.


Tasks: I. Financing of farms; II. Expansion of the sales market for members of the cooperative; III. Attracting investment in agriculture; IV. Construction of livestock complexes (breeding, fattening); V. Introduction of innovative technologies in the agricultural sector; VI. Creation of 14 meat and dairy clusters in Kazakhstan, including: • 420 reproducers of 100 heads each; • mini-factories for the production of bakery products and meat and dairy products; • campsites for agritourists, next to farms; • 70 feedlots of 3,000 heads each; • export-oriented meat processing complexes; • trading network.


* The meat cluster is a few enterprises of the technological chain, the links of which are pedigree reproducer, farms, feedlots and meat processing plants. Each link has its own task, but the common goal is to obtain a high-quality product at a competitive price.


* Agritourism - rural tourism: rest in the village, avoiding problems and, partly, the benefits of civilization, with a combination of rural labor (optional) and calm measured relaxation in nature.